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ABN Global As Best Study Abroad Consultants In Dubai

Welcome to ABN Global, where dreams of studying abroad exist!

We are the best study abroad consultants based in Dubai and the region. So, we try to offer guidance like no other to the students of the UAE. The team at ABN Global primarily focuses on matching students with the best-suited educational opportunities abroad based on their academic profile and career requirements.

Why Should You Choose ABN Global For Study Abroad Consultant

One needs to choose the right type of consultant to help one through this complex maze to attain a suitable Mantra of Education Abroad. Here is why ABN Global is considered the best study-abroad consultants in Dubai:

Expert Knowledge ABN Global consultants have extensive knowledge in the global education domain. They are updated with the latest understanding of admissions processes and visa regulations.

Personalized Counseling Every student aspires to something different. Our personalized services are focused on achieving your personal and academic goals.

Strong University Network Our strong links with top-ranked university alliances worldwide make our students most preferred by them.

End-to-End Service course and university selection to visa application and pre-departure briefings, we take care of everything there is to your study abroad experience.

ABN Global Study Abroad Consultants in Dubai

ABNGlobal has a strategically set-out portfolio of services to meet all your requirements for studying abroad.

Career Counseling: Since we have experienced consultants, they will help you through the shortlisting and identifying the best possible course and university suitable to your individual career goals.
Application Processing: From collecting documents to drafting and editing correct forms. ABN Global will guide you through this process and ensure applications are submitted compactly, professionally, and timely.
Visa Processing: Getting visas for eligible admissions is a very complex process, requiring knowledge of each country's rules and regulations. Our professional staff will help and support you with every minor detail of the visa application.
Post-Arrival Support: Our support doesn't end when you touch down. We will support you with every detail, from accommodation to part-time job opportunities and cultural integration.

Study Abroad Educational Consultants in UAE

Embarking on your educational journey with ABN Global is easy, but not easy to undermine

Initial Consultation

You will meet with our experts, who will discuss your educational aspirations, destinations of preference, and interest in courses, as well as get a thorough assessment of your academic qualifications and career goals.

Best Universities

Based on the consultation results, we have prepared a list of universities and courses that suit you. The counselor makes you understand all the minute things in all options so that you can make an informed decision. We will guide and facilitate the application submission process to be complete and error-free and represent you in the best light.

Personal Statements

Our team helps support a compelling personal statement, acquire the required documents, and prepare the visa application. Our experienced consultants will offer you an in-depth explanation of the visa application at each step. We guide you in preparations for the visa interview and double-check for any errors in the documentation filing.

Pre-Departure Briefing

Benefit from our pre-departure briefing, wherein everything is briefed about, suitable from travel arrangements to cultural sensitivities of the country you're headed to. Accommodation, health insurance, and finance abroad are advised and counseled.


Under the aegis of ongoing care and guidance, ABN Global stays between and looks after the issues as the difficult times faced by management and students are seen after the student's life from reception to departure. Regular follow-up and support services are ensured for students' academic success and spatial well-being.

ABN Global As the Best Study Abroad Consultants in Dubai

We are different from our competitors in various aspects, since much attention to detail is given to us.

Enhanced Elaborative Services ABN Global is a course and university matchmaker. Therefore, it guides students through courses and universities based on accurate academic interests and personal volition. Consequently, we provide personalized recommendations.

Document Checklist Organizer We provide students with custom checklists containing an exact list of documents they need for their university application processes and visa applications.

Real-Time Notifications and Alerts We alert the students on changes and any deadlines that might have by direct notifications, e.g., information on different application cut-offs and visa requirements, among others.

Interactive Visa Information Hub Exhaustive information on current visa information and an online hub where students can directly ask questions to Visa experts.

Vast Network Most importantly, ABN Global collaborates with the best universities worldwide, hence plenty of choices not for its sake but to ensure the best educational programs.

Bespoke Services Counseling customized to fit each student's academic and career requirements offers a personal touch that makes all the difference in your application.

Holistic Support From consultation on matters relating to post-arrival, ABN Global ensures smooth experiences for all its students while studying abroad. Their services span the whole spectrum, from application processing to visa assistance and settlement in a foreign land.

Visa Approvals A high success rate in student placements and visa approvals substantiates ABN Global's reputation, with solid testimonies and a proven history of satisfying students. Being equipped with the forefront of technology and having advanced resources, from virtual campus tours to a robust web portal, ABN Global can give their students a much-expanded planning experience.

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Ready to elevate your academic journey? Choose ABN Global, the top study abroad consultants in the UAE. We guide you through every step, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience. Contact us today and start your exceptional international education journey with ABN Global!