About Us

About Us

Our History

ABN is one of the most specialized overseas educational consultancy firms providing life stunning opportunities by connecting its students with top-ranking educational institutions around the globe. ABN is famed for securing maximum student visas in our industry. ABN has 10+ years of experience in counseling and guiding students in securing admissions abroad to world-renowned universities. ABN Overseas Education ABN is founded by CEO, Mr. Shahid Saeed with the wide range of background and experience in overseas education. ABN is one of the most reliable and specialized educational consultants in Pakistan providing hundreds of students the opportunity to study in world top ranking institution. ABN counsels, refers and process the applications of eligible students for placement in foreign colleges and universities. ABN has the best reputation in providing proper guidance to its students and as a result getting maximum outcomes in securing student visas.

Our Project

ABN Global


ABNGlobal.ae is a project being introduced by the veteran team of ABN overseas education under the dynamic leadership of CEO Mr. Shahid Saeed. The student recruitment industry is growing at a fast pace and it’s time for ABN to venture out into the international market by expanding its business under the brand ABNGlobal.ae. ABNGlobal.ae is going to start its international journey from the GCC countries with its Head Office located in Dubai. 


 “To make Education a Right, not a Privilege”



ABNGlobal.ae will empower students by allowing them to access the best education from the best institutions, according to their profile. Providing students with quality education is our passion. Our partner institutions are at the heart of everything we do. We will empower students to pursue their dreams, build new careers, and become who they aspire to be. We aim to break down barriers and country limitations that recruiters and students face by supporting recruiters and students in countries like the UK, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, MALAYSIA, NEW ZEALAND, IRELAND, NETHERLANDS, GERMANY, UAE, TURKEY, CYPRUS, and SWEDEN”

 Our Technology

ABNGlobal.ae is aiming to step foot in the ed-tech industry by launching a platform where education counselors around the GCC will have an opportunity to fulfill the dreams of countless students to study abroad. Our platform will simplify the course search, application, and acceptance process by interconnecting students around the world with their recruitment agents and universities. Some of the key features of our portal are mentioned below. 

  • Institutions will gain access to the State-of-the-Art portal where they can speed up the admission process.
  • International institutions will gain information on all the local institutions of GCC countries and can make their recruitment strategy accordingly.
  • Institution will have Industry-leading insights and knowledge that help you plan, expand, and achieve your goals.
  • ABNGlobal.ae is built on a smart AI Supported mechanism which makes the university and course search fast and precise. 
  • All students will have the access to their portal account and can manage the application without any delays.
  • Counsellors and students can filter search options for the designated country, universities, and course preferences.




Our Team

Meet Our Expert

Kumail Hassan

Managing Director ABN Global

Abdur Rehman

Market Manager UK & USA Dubai Office


Admission Manager ABN Global


Market Manager WorldWide Dubai Office

How we do

How we do

We provide an easy and seamless recruiting process with our AI-powered ed-tech platform. The automated intelligent features of ABN Global will make the process of student applications seamless and less time-consuming. Experience fast course searches, keep track of the application through the dashboard, and connect with our expert counselors in case of queries on messenger. When partnering with ABN Global, educational institutions will gain a comprehensive access to our carefully collected database of countless experienced recruitment partners/agents from around the world. We aim to recruit students from diverse backgrounds to play our part in creating a culture of inclusion and diversity on campus. Our careful selection of students makes all the necessary background checks whilst prioritizing the institute’s guidelines. Institutes can join us and increase the number of diverse and talented students on campus today.

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We at ABN Global feel pride to represent such prestigious educational institutes on our portfolio.

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